Some shrewd hotel terminology

Dutch wife – The sewing kit provided as a guest amenity. .

Handle with care (HWC) guest – Guest who may have had some unpleasant experiences in the hotel or had some complaints, genuine or otherwise, are labeled as “handle with care“ guest by the hotel for the reminder of their stay or future sojourn. .

Well drink – A drink made from an inexpensive house brand of liquor, usually kept in a “well” below the bar where customers cannot see the labels. .

To live out of a suitcase – I’m not going to stay in this hotel long, only a couple of days, I live out of a suitcase. .

American Plan – A room rate that includes three meals. .

European plan – A room rate that does not include any meals. .

Beer-clean glass – A clean glass that is completely free of invisible grease and detergent residue, substances that can cause beer to lose its foam too quickly. A glass that looks clean may not be clean enough for beer. .

Silence cloth – Oilcloth or other padded material placed under the tablecloth to absorb noise. .

Spouse Program – Special activities planned for those who accompany an attendee to a convention, trade show or meeting. Note that programs today are not simply for women, but rather for men and women, spouses and friends. Programs must be creatively designed to interest intelligent and curious audiences. .

Brownouts – Partial loss of electricity (as opposed to blackouts). .

Moonlighter – A person who holds a full-time job at one organization and a part-time job at another organization. .

Tent cards

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