das/der/die Band and German madness

Let me share some delightful excerpts about German from Duolingo:)
For the fans of der/die See, a specimen of utmost German madness.
das Band (die Bänder) – the tape (band)
der Band (die Bände) – the volume/tome
die Band (pronounced as in English) (die Bands) – the music band
On selecting the right article:
“Rhyming can often help. If you already know a noun that rhymes with the new one, there’s a good chance they will have the same gender. Go for it 🙂
der Fisch, der Tisch
der Raum, der Traum, der Baum
der Kopf, der Knopf”
And of course:
“OK, because you asked: the longest “real” German word (so far) is:
(Without the hyphens. We had to add those in order to be able to show the whole word…)
It’s a law on how to transfer tasks about the monitoring of the labeling of beef. At least that’s what the word says.”

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