Английские идиомы со странами/национальностями от Ёвин

Публикуется в первозданном, чатовом виде, просто чтобы потом найти 🙂

chinese whisper – gossip. или игра “испорченный телефон”
young Turk – a contentious young person who goes against the system.
too many chiefs and not enough Indians – too many managers and not enough people to do the work for England – A lot. Often used in the phrase “talk for England,” meaning to talk a lot.

плюс к вышесказанному:
talk the hind legs off a donkey – to talk without stopping for a long time on a slow boat to China – On a course or trajectory that will take a very long amount of time, especially with the conclusion or destination being uncertain. Sometimes used humorously or facetiously.

It’s been three weeks since I ordered those clothes online—is the package on a slow boat to China or something?
Unfortunately, our investments seem to be on a slow boat to China at the moment due to the volatility of the market.
dutch courage – это когда хлопнул алкоголя для храбрости, или когда напился и море по колено (also known as pot-valiance (or potvaliancy))
go dutch – share the cost of something, especially a meal, equally.

dutch bargain – говорили что это a bargain made and sealed while drinking (и так в Merriam-Webster), но в Longman это a deal giving all of the advantage to one side. Кому верить – хз
dutch uncle – a person who issues frank, harsh or severe comments and criticism to educate, encourage or admonish someone (часто непрошенные советы)
dutch act/cure – the act of committing suicide сразу видно, что между британцами и голландцами были тёплые и нежные отношения 🙂